Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Music/Interview :Kanye West Ft. Young Jeezy- Amazing

The more and more I hear about this album the more I can understand and empathize with Kanye. WWB had the privilage to hear from Kanye himself [What up BOBO!!] talk about 808's and Heartbreak and he had a lot to say that helped listeners understand the album.

"This Album is based off of the losses I had to face in the past year. Its like I feel like I'm an Alien. I'm not really a celeberty, I'm just a real person who became famous. I feel like people allowing me to do this music/art is theraputic. Its a better option than suicide. The people that are allowing me to do this I just want to say thank you. This is like therapy for me. Ya'll might be mad I'm singin but its still from a nigga's perspective. Its like on some Phil Collins shit but still from a hip hop perspective."

On his album being pushed up:
"I guess the pushed it up for the Thanksgiving sales, I don't care though its cool as long as I get those sales. I got a big burden because I've been a cocky muhf**** so I need to back all the s*** I've been talkin."

He also states he will not be rushing his album but he might tour in June!!!

My favorite part of the call was: "Jeezy came down to Hawaii to work on the album and there were point where I would say "What Would Jeezy Do?" you know how people say "What Would Jesus Do?" so there are some songs with some Jeezy lines mixed in there"

Here is the new joint featuring Jeezy Called Amazing
Kayne West Ft Young Jeezy | Amazing

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