Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Music: Drake Ft. Tanya Morgan

New music from Wheelchair Jimmy, well old but you probably haven't heard it. It got scrapped of Comeback Season. Brooklynatti coming soon from Tanya Morgan and Drake will be at the University of Rhode Island tomorrow performing with Theo. Its sold out so this is kinda pointless. Bear with me on the lack of updates, finals are killing me. What up Michelle!

Download| Drake Ft Tanya Morgan- Right to Left

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Video: Drake x Funk Flex x Hot 97

Drake Freestyles for Funk Flex during his visit. He also talks about his success and then Flex talks him to death. Funk Flex sure knows how to draw the shit out of something. Can't knock Flex though he's been doing this for years.

Sidenote: If you are in the New England area, Drake will be performing alongside Theo at the University of Rhode Island on April 29 at 6pm. Hit me up for more info!!!

Download| Drake - Hot 97 Freestyle

New Music: Kid Cudi

New Music from "That nigga who sings Day N Nite" Kid Cudi. LOL at everyone out here calling him that. I had to laugh at that. I'm sure he had a great day yesterday. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with Cleveland. Lebron, Charles Hamilton, and Cudi. Ehh whatever. Lakers ftw!
The Cleveland Show> Cleveland

Sidenote: To twist a Jay-Z quote " Let that Bape Breathe!"

Download| Kid Cudi- Dat Kid From Cleveland

New Gear: Lodger's Custom Fits

Beautiful shoes, obviously not for everyday wear. If you know what you are doing, you can work wonders with this style of shoe. These bad boys will run you about $550 but I am sure there are wallet friendly alternatives. You can find something cheaper but if you want the show, here it is.

More info at Lodger Footwear

New Music: Big Sean

After I heard Supa Dupa, this tape was on my list. He left a few joints off but overall it was a good tape. The Drake comparison is kinda left field though. Check it out, let me know how you feel.

Download | Big Sean- Finally Famous Vol.2

New Tech: Panasonic Dual Lens 3D HD Camcorder

Concept model.
Translation= Get your shit together everyone.

New Music: Diamond District

Sorry for the delay folks, I've been very busy with school trying to finish strong. While I was away some dope music dropped and I feel as though you NEED to hear it. First up to bat is the DC supergroup Diamond District. Composed of three DC rappers X.O yU and Oddisee. Dope project all around to the point I didn't even care that it was a clean version.

Download | Diamond District- In The Ruff

Bonus: Diamond District EPK

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.