Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Music: Theo Ft. Christian Rich - Too Young

I woke up being forwarded to DCtoBC [Go Eagles!!! My cousin is number 15] and I must say that the Rhode Island hero did it again. Be on the lookout for Christian Rich as they have some real big things coming up.

Theo Ft. Christian Rich | Too Young

Sidenote: Theo x James Watts at Soundpaw in BK tonight check it out!!


DCtoBC.com said...

yo. number 15 huh? dominique? the quarterback? i had to google it, but that's who it is. lol where are y'all based out of? this blog, i mean. and where's he from?

Yo Montana said...

Nah on the BBall team. Rakim. He's from Rhode Island. Theo is our hero as previously stated. haha.