Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cool Stuff: The 59 Best Breakfasts in America

Is Breakfasts even a word? Anyway Esquire Mag [2nd to the Bible probably] puts out annual lists of things like best place to shop or best bars and I almost had to shed a tear for this one. It hits so close to home. The have compiled a list of the 59 best breakfast spots in America. Kinda mad that Temple Rainbow [ What up TU!!!!] isn't on there but no many people are real enough to grace North Broad St. at ANY time of day. I will have to check some of these spots on my travels in the very near future.
I feel as though I owe this to you with the major slacking of the random breakfast photo so like Juelz said this is "From Me to You".

The 59 Best Breakfast Places in America

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