Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vid: Random Pharrell Stuff

I was going though my camera that I finally got fixed and came across some live N.E.R.D stuff and I just had to think to myself honestly, how can you not enjoy Pharrell? I remember the first time I heard about the Neptunes. I was with my cousin and he had just got the new NORE TAPE yes TAPE, and that Superthug came on. I was young so I was just in love with the beat, I did care who did it.From that point on I was all ears from Oh No to The Philly's Most Wanted album, The Neptunes became my favorite producers. Then In Search Of dropped and I really got to see what Pharrell was about. He killed it on that album ever since then I've been riding with dude pause.Hopefully we will there will be more in the future for us to enjoy.

1 comment: said...

damn. you already know i'm watching it all.