Monday, December 22, 2008

Vid: Dipset on Rap City + Bonus.

BET Rap City Freestyles- Santana - MyVideo

Ahh man. I needed this to start off my week. Remember when they could do no wrong?
When Jimmy behavior was acceptable? Luckily, I never dressed like them but they had EVERYBODY dressing like them. Homemade bandana print jackets, bandana print jackets, and 11x T's. This was a great time in hip hop for me and in my life in general. Pause but Cam's bravado is unmatched. I wish we could go back to this period in time but ehh what can you do. Also, LOL @ 3:57 with Cam's foreshadowing of Juelz's future.

Bonus: Here is my favorite Rap City EVER.

ROC, he wrote a lot of Bow Wow's early stuff


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Anonymous said...

Hey do you know where to find the freestyle with R.O.C. from rapcity I swear I searched all over for it and can't find it and tell me why viacom or whoever pulled that video when its 50 fu... videos of freestyles in the booth and they take down one. I swear J.D. himself wanted R.O.C. to be put off the map can't find him anywhere on the net.