Saturday, September 13, 2008

Old School Joint Of The Week - "Wild Thing"

No joke, I used to karaoke this song with sunglasses and ninja turtle tighty whities on. As you can see, even as a young buck I had major amounts of swagger Mick Jagger juice (do not take that line!). Anyhow, even though I think Tone Loc might very well be in the "one hit wonder" category, you can't deny that this joint was a money maker. So, enjoy this groovy classic tune. Oh, and do notice homegirl on the tambourine putting in some serious work.


Anonymous said...

Tone Loc actually had 3 hits out...Wild Thing....Funky Cold Medina....and All Through The Night.....more if you're a fan...He is still rockin shows at clubs...I saw him in Florida...he was awesome.....just like back in the days!...Go Tone! said...


and he was in bebe's kids!!!