Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things a Man Should or Wants to Know Vol. 1

I feel as though we need to be more informative on WWB. Life lessons are always great lessons. Today we will show those lacking how to tie a windsor knot and a guide to ordering drinks at the bar. There is more to life then Cranberry and Goose or Henny and Pineapple. If you don't drink this doesn't apply to you and you should know what your options are... soda, juice, water, or leave.

Esquire Mag has created a great guide for different types of drinks. Its nice for if you are going out with a friend for drinks or if you are out watching the game with your people. So check it out and diversify your portfolio. Peaaacccee.
Esquire's Drink Database.

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Mr. Flash Francis said...

I'll probably just leave.